Are Concrete Stairs Worth It?

Many homes outside have wooden stairs to either access the patio or gazebo. While this might seem like a great, it might not be the best option for you. Wood is susceptible to rot, leading to an unsafe environment for those who use it. People could fall through the wood, or the whole structure of the stair could even collapse. The key to fixing this problem is installing concrete stairs or steps. By having concrete instead of wood it provides a safer more secure material to be used. Here at KC Concrete, we offer the ability for you to make your custom stairs with customizable coloring and stamping.

Benefits of Concrete Stairs

Having concrete stairs might sound intimidating at first, but it is the easiest and smartest decision one can make. There are many options for building stairs, such as wood, metal, and concrete, but concrete is becoming more common for an inside material to build stairs and outside. The reason for this is because it is affordable, accessible, and durable.   

1. Low Maintenance

Once the stairs are built, they don’t require constant polishing and cleaning, unlike wooden ones, especially when outside. Wooden stairs have to be repainted with weather protective paint to help keep the wood from warping. To clean concrete stairs, one only needs a pressure washer or just a hose making it low maintenance.

2. Easily Installed and Molded

Concrete is very versatile due to its ability to be molded quite easily. To make the concrete more durable, it’s common to add metal bars to help distribute the weight and make it stronger.  

3. Customizable

The concern with concrete is that it’s just your typical, plain, and grey-looking piece of material. But if you use KC Concrete, we give you the ability to customize your stairs completely. From picking the color to the stamping and design, we leave it all in your hands. This allows you to give some character to your home’s design.  

How does the Process Work?

The process is quite simple as long as you pick a qualified licensed concrete contractor. If you’re in need of new concrete steps, we are the right place for you. First of all, you can start with… and mention the part of the survey” or something like “It’s very easy to start your process with us and mention the part of the survey.  If you’re going to add color or shaping to the steps to give it your own unique customization, we can do that for you when it comes time to pour the concrete. Here are the steps we follow to lay the perfect stairs for you!

1. Find the Rise and Run of the Area

To ensure we have the perfect stairs for you, we use a technique to guarantee we have the proper measurements. We do this by using a measuring device to find the slope of the specific area.  This is a crucial part of making sure that the stairs will be structurally sound.  

2. Lay Footing, Install Raisers and Attach Braces

This creates the actual mold of the stairs that we will pour the concrete into. We will use the slope that we formulated to create the perfect set of stairs for you.

3. Pour Concrete and Possibly add Coloring and Stamping

After building the mold for the stairs, it’s time to start pouring the concrete. We will mix the concrete, and if you so choose, we will add the coloring. While the concrete is partially dried, we will apply the stamp of your preference.  

Concrete Stair Repair

If you already have concrete stairs but you need repair, we are here for you! Around porch areas, the concrete can tend to crack over time. A crack can quickly spread if left untouched. If moisture is left to freeze, it will expand, leading to the expansion of the crack. When you notice a crack, give us a call! The longer you wait, the worse it can get; if left for too long, it might be beyond repair, and the need for a rapport of the stairs might be necessary. I promise you it’s easier to fix a crack than it is to fix a whole set of stairs. We’ll be honest and forthcoming letting you know whether it is a little work or a total replacement.

Get Started Today!

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