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How do you color concrete in the first place? Well, good question. The process for coloring existing concrete involves a stain that is absorbed into the concrete giving it a unique color. Usually concrete is stained in tan, brown, or terra cotta colors. Stains are semi transparent so they won't hide your concrete imperfections, however, they are UV resistant and will hold the test of time outdoors. If you're looking to get your concrete stained the cost is usually around $5-10 per square foot. If you're looking to get your patio stained contact us today for a free quote.

If you're looking to pour a brand new slab of concrete there are more options for coloring. Learn more in the next section to see how you can get a unique color on your next concrete project.

How to Color Concrete

Before pouring a concrete slab, you can mix it with pigment. This will ensure that no the entire slab of concrete will be one consistent shade and color. Colors that can be achieved with this method include browns, grays, tans, and some shades of red. This will be a subtle coloring of the slab but there are more ways to make the color more vibrant.

Adding a dye to the concrete will be able to produce a wide variety of colors including purple, yellow, blue, red, and more. This color technique is usually the brightest but not recommended for outdoor applications. It is not resistant to UV rays and can fade. If you do use it for outdoors we recommend applying a sealant for UV protection to get the longest life possible out of the color.

Looking to get your concrete colored? Contact us today and get your free quote. We can handle a variety of project scopes and sizes, there is no job too big or too small for us.

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