Concrete Driveway’s – Know Your Options

A concrete driveway is one of the most beneficial things you can do for yourself and your family. They offer excellent curb appeal to those who pass as well as an area for your kids to play, whether it’s shooting hoops, playing with chalk, or riding a scooter. A concrete driveaway is much more than a place for the kids to play or an addition to your curb appeal.

Key Advantages of a Concrete Driveway

  1. Longevity – The upfront cost of a concrete driveway compared to an asphalt driveway will be a little higher, but don’t let the cost detour you. A concrete driveway lasts about 50-60 percent longer than the alternative asphalt driveway.
  2. Lower Core Temperature – If your kids want to play in the driveway all summer, you want a concrete driveway. They offer a much cooler option than asphalt, allowing your kids to play all day long. No burnt toes or blisters!
  3. Durability – Concrete is a non-flexible material that can handle much heavier loads than asphalt. This not only means it will last longer, but it can take on heavier loads.   
  4. Maintenance Expense – Concrete is almost maintenance-free after installation if installed correctly. Asphalt cracks when the binder begins to dry out; this requires you to have filler on hand that you can use to cover cracks that can expand over time.  

The Customizability of Concrete Driveways

Concrete is a moldable material that can be tailor-made to any customizations you please. There are many patterns and options you can use when picking your custom driveway; it all depends on your preference and concrete trends at the time. 

Concrete Stamping

Stamping is the process when you take a design of your choosing and press it into wet concrete to mold it. This gives it more texture and flair than just your typical concrete slab. Stamped concrete is also called textured or imprinted concrete. Patterns such as slate and flagstone, tile, brick, and even wood are used. The wide variety of patterns and color choices make it popular for outdoor and indoor surfaces and it’s affordable and easy to maintain.

Here’s How the Process Starts

The idea behind stamping concrete is if you take the concrete and stamp in a pattern while it is still wet, it will harden and dry in that desired pattern. Here’s how the process works:

  1. Pour and smooth your concrete slab.
  2. Press the desired design into the surface while the concrete is still damp and soft.
  3. Let the concrete dry.
  4. If you go for a certain texture or patterns like slate or wood, add color to the concrete as it’s mixed or spray it on after the surface has been stamped for a more realistic look.

Now your driveaway has the stamp of approval! 

Staining your Concrete

Depending on the style of your home, you might want to stain the concrete to elevate the whole look of the home inside and out. We can make this work by using a stain that is absorbed into the concrete, giving it a unique color. Common colors used are tan, brown, or terra cotta colors. The cost of this will run you around an additional $5-10 per square foot.  

If you are looking for a more vibrant color, then adding a dye to the wet concrete, before it is poured, will allow you to produce a wide variety of colors, including purple, yellow, blue, red, etc. This color technique is usually the brightest but not recommended for outdoor applications. It is not resistant to UV rays and can fade. If you use it for outdoor purposes, we recommend applying a sealant for UV protection to get the longest life possible out of the color.

Already have a Concrete Driveway?

Even as the most durable option for your driveway concrete can still show some wear and tear with cracks, stains, and breaks. If you need a small repair or are looking to redo your driveaway we at KC Concrete are here to help. Some driveways can get extremely beat up and start to crumble in spots over a period of time. This wear and tear can come from the user, but the most common problem is the weather. Kansas City is fortunate enough to see all 4 seasons, but unfortunately, we also see the extremes of those 4 seasons from the double-digit negatives in the winters to the triple-digit summers. These temperature changes can cause the concrete to condense and expand as much as 1.7 centimeters for every 30.5 meters of concrete. It is no wonder you get some pretty nasty cracks in your driveaway! 

Contact Us Today!

If you want to make a concrete addition to your home or need a simple repair, the KC Concrete family is here for all your needs. We know that adding a concrete driveway can be a daunting transition, but it’s an easy transition with us. If you want to expand your driveway or repair a crack, we can do that for you starting today with a free quote. 

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