Concrete Driveways, Sidewalks, and Extensions

Concrete Driveway Repair in Independence

Time has a way of wreaking havoc on driveways. Not only does concrete have a shelf life to begin with, but driveways can get extremely beat up. From driving on it to all of the day to day action that happens, concrete can start to crumble over time.

But perhaps the most aggressive thing that hurts a driveway is the weather. In Independence, we get temperatures that can range up into the triple digits, while in the same year having temperatures literally go negative. These temperature changes cause the concrete to contract and expand, sometimes as much as 1.7 centimeters for every 30.5 meters of concrete.

What does that mean for you and your driveway? It means it will eventually crack and fall apart at some point. However, good concrete work and a properly poured driveway can result in a much longer shelf life. So be sure to use the right concrete company in Independence when getting work done. It will me a difference in the end.

Concrete Sidewalk Repair and Extensions

Sidewalks are often managed and taken care of by the city, but for some of you who are on the hook for your own, sidewalks can be quite a nuisance. Not to fear though, we can typically handle any concrete sidewalk repair for a very reasonable price. Some concrete contractors in Independence will charge you an arm and leg, but we maintain a strict policy not to overcharge.

Have you ever thought of making a walkway from your driveway to your backyard? Perhaps you'd like to start storing your trash cans in the back yard  but would have no idea how to get them to the front, especially in the rain or snow. Well, a concrete sidewalk leading to your back yard can be just the trick.

What about an extension onto your driveway? Maybe you'd like to park an RV or a trailer. Extensions are great for storage and can be one of the best investments you'll make if you run a business that uses a work truck, trailer, or other vehicle. Instead of paying to park it somewhere else, just park it in your own driveway!

We can even build regular concrete slabs anywhere on your property. Perhaps for basketball? Check out our page on stamped concrete or colored concrete for some fun ideas.

Concrete Services

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