Patios and Walkways

Concrete Patio Repair and Installation in Independence

Patios are made for enjoyment. It's where so much can happen during the summer months, whether it's grilling out, having friends over, reading, tanning, yoga, etc... There are so many uses!

Whether you're looking to have a concrete patio put in or have your concrete patio repaired, our team is trained and ready. We'll make sure that your experience is top notch and that you'll get the biggest bang for your buck.

We focus on concrete leveling when we build and ensure that it remains level for a long time. Concrete naturally will break down over time, but our team here in Independence will make sure that we extend it as long as possible.

Perhaps your experiencing concrete sinking? Maybe your patio dips in the middle or on the corners. Sinking concrete can be a big problem if not taken care of right away.

Call our team at Independence concrete today. We're your go-to guys for everything concrete.

Concrete walkways

Walkways are a great item to put in to connect the front yard to the back yard. One of the things we love to do is help people create a concrete walkway that allows them to store their trash outside in the backyard. This allows them to keep any stinky and odor-filled trash out off the garage floor.

Walkways can be used in a variety of ways too. Maybe you're looking for a commercial concrete contractor to build your company a walkway on your campus or at your business. We've helped many commercial clients successfully install and repair concrete walkways for their customers and themselves.

Get a quote today and see how much your concrete walkway will run.

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