Why is my Concrete Cracked?

Cracked concrete is something that shouldn’t be taken lightly; this is because it can be a true sign of stress on your home. If a crack is small, it shouldn’t lead to significant concerns right away, but if more continue to appeal, it should be highly considered to have your home checked by a professional. You might be asking yourself now, “How do I fix a crack in my concrete?”, we at KC Concrete are here for your safety.

What Could Lead to Cracked Concrete

Your home is supported by the foundation underneath it, which is made up of concrete. The purpose of a foundation is so your home can evenly distribute the weight of the house, so certain areas don’t get overloaded. If cracks start to arise, it puts your home in jeopardy and all it contains inside, such as you and your loved ones. There are multiple reasons for a crack or various cracks in your foundation, but here are a few very common ones.

1. Faulty Insulation

  • If the concrete isn’t mixed correctly or poured correctly, then it could lead to settling issues.  
  • If the foundation settles incorrectly, then it could lead to cracks or buckles.

2. Tree Roots

  • Trees around your home can have very extensive root systems that can tear up a foundation.

3. Moisture Intrusion

  • Wet weather and soil that is full of clay-like tendencies lead to external moisture build-up. This can lead to wear on your foundation, especially if your gutters and ground irrigation aren’t working properly.

4. Pipe Leaks

  • If a pipe leaks or bursts, it’s essential to have your foundation checked.  
  • If the water finds its way into a crack, it can freeze and expand, causing more extensive damage. 

Why Cracked Concrete is Dangerous

As previously mentioned, cracked concrete can be very dangerous at times if left untouched because of the extensive damage it could cause. Once there is a tiny crack in your concrete, it opens up the opportunity for significant issues to arise. Whether it be your foundation or a concrete addition in your backyard, it could injure those who use it if not handled properly. Major shifting can happen around and under one home, creating a severe threat to the integrity of the concrete.  

Concrete is a very durable building material, but over time it can become worn and cracked. When your home settles or shifts, it may cause stress on the already laid concrete resulting in a crack. This crack can spread if moisture gets in it and freezes, spreading the crack even more. If left untreated, it could lead to unsafe conditions as the concrete can break away when standing on.

Living in Kansas City, a city exposed to dangerous springs and extreme winters, your home must be ready to withstand all conditions. A crack makes the concrete and the structure more vulnerable to external effects, accelerates the aging process, and immediately reduces the structure’s mechanical resistance. Last but not least, cracks lessen the ability of a structure to absorb stress and may lead to collapse.

Concrete Repair and How It’s Done

You might be wondering what all concrete repair entails, but it is quite an easy process. If it’s a minor crack, then it can probably be fixed on your own. If you repair the crack quickly enough, you might fix the problem before it results in severe damage. 

Steps to a minor concrete repair:

1. Make the Crack Wider at the Bottom than the Top

  • This is done by using a chisel and a hammer to precisely knock away concrete.
  • This is to anchor a patch. 

2. Clean out Debris

  • This is done with a stiff brush.
  • If leftover pieces of concrete are left in the patch, it will weaken the concrete. 

3. Fill the Crack with Patching Mix

  • This is also known as Vinyl Concrete, and it covers cracks up to ½ in wide.
  • Dampen around the crack, then trowel the mix

4. Address Any Pop-Outs

  • Make sure the concrete runs smoothly, and no holes are left.

5. Apply Concrete Bonding Agent

  • Wet the surface and apply a bonding agent.

6. Anchor Cement into the Hole

  • Pack a small amount of mix to anchor the whole.

Take Your Next Step!

Safety shouldn’t wait! Whether you’re looking for concrete installation or wondering how to fix a crack in the concrete, KC Concrete is here for all your concrete needs. It would be best if you made sure that the stability of your property is exceptional.

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